Best Sunglasses for Active Lifestyles

Top 10 Best Sunglasses for Active Lifestyles

Choosing the best pair of sunglasses for you comes down to many factors. What shape is your face? Is there a type of frame/lenses that are most comfortable to you? How much are you looking to spend? Though the last question is typically the first priority, depending on how you use your glasses also plays a large role.

In order to narrow down your search, we have compiled a list of the ten best sunglass brands designed for all around use.

10) SPY - A major player in the surf/skate/snow optics field since the early Nineties, Spy Optics offers a plethora of sunglasses and goggles. As they boldly proclaim in their mission statement: “The best sunglasses in the universe or your money back.” Though forward, they can claim to keep your eyes protected no matter what your sport of choice may be. While the company offers classic-style frames, both polarized and nonpolarized, they are best known on the slopes or behind a throttle.

9) SunCloud - Though a relatively new company (at least compared to the rest of this list), SunCloud is making waves in the watersports arena. Offering injected molded and metal alloy frames, and even polarized readers, Sunclouds are seemingly designed for the world traveler. Arguably the best unisex glasses for any given budget, SunCloud’s polarized lenses are highly durable.

8) Sunski - While Sunski is also a relatively new company, they have a classic surf feel that has resonate with water wanderers. Perhaps the most practical on the list, nearly all of their frames are under $60! Sunksi Sunglasses also have multi-colored mirror lenses for those who like to remain a little mysterious.

7) Silverfish - Silverfish is arguably changing the possibilities in the sunglass game. Though seemingly designed like a pair of motorcycle goggles, these UV protection sunglasses stay with you in (or under) the water! One of the first in-water designed sunglass companies, Silverfish is quickly becoming a major player.

6) Costa Del Mar - Found wherever fishing boats are in port, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are designed for multiple hours on the water. “Costas,” as they are often referred to have heavily polarized lenses that allow fishermen to spot bait at the water’s surface. Extremely durable and with extended warranties, if anything is broken they are either fixed or completely replaced.

5) BluBlocker - A rather different approach to others on this list, BluBlockers are unisex sunglasses that filter the sun’s natural rays. Though some of the frames are a bit questionable (your grannies frames) their overall effects are really cool!

4) Julbo - With their lightweight lenses and frames, Julbo sunglasses are extremely popular with hikers/trailrunners. They have also made great strides with cyclists of all kinds, for they offer a line of high-quality of goggles and other optical options.

3) Electric - Founded in the early 2000s, Electric sunglasses are Italian made, but are often found all over the coastal U.S. (particularly California). Electrics are not fashionable, but durable - as seen in the new “Stacker” frames, which are a hybrid between sunglasses and ski/moto goggles. Possibly one of the wilder concepts on this list, Stackers obviously come with a higher price tag.

2) Ray Ban - Made extremely popular by the movie, Risky Business, the Ray Ban Wayfarer is arguable one of the most classic pair of sunglasses ever. While many would think that these frames are strictly for fashion, think again. Like Costas, Ray Ban places a tremendous amount of weight in the warranties. Their sunglasses are also incredibly tough.

1) Oakley - Last, but never least, is perhaps the most iconic athletic sunglass brand on this list, Oakley sunglasses. Whether you’re a fan of the 80s-style Blades or the omnipresent Oakley Gascan shades, they have you covered! For the skiers and boarders out there, this company has been providing them protective eyecare on the slopes since the days of neon.

While we have compiled this list of practical, protective, and overall affordable sunglasses for those with active lifestyles - there are still countless brands that we surely left out. Like choosing any other pair of sunglasses, one wants to take into account how often they are doing a certain activity and to what level of impact usually occurs. Regardless, if you know they’re going to be taking a beating, it’s probably best to purchase a pair with a warranty!