Best Sunglasses for Big Heads

Have a big noggin'? Here are the best sunglasses for you...

Buying sunglasses for yourself if you have a big head can be a real problem. The average pair of sunglasses can work, but may make your face feeling pinched, leaves heavy lines on your temples when you take them off, and you can wind up with a killer headache. Even worse, they might not adequately cover and protect your eyes. Never fear, though, as there are multiple models available to suit your needs.

Spring Hinged Arms

One thing that is important to try to find on any pair of sunglasses for the big head, is to try and find a pair, that has spring hinged arms. The spring hinge will be in the place of a regular joint where the arms meet the lens frames. They will be able to bend outwards a bit, usually at no more than a 10 or 15 degree angle from their resting state. Having these on your sunglasses helps to reduce pressure at the temples, keeping your pain and headaches to a minimum. Titanium frames are very good as well, but are mostly used in eyeglasses, so they are not as ubiquitous of an option as spring hinges. Here's some good information on different hinge types that can be found at the Perfect Eyeglass Guide.

Sporty Frames are a Go-To

Sport frames are one of the best choices you can make when you are looking for sunglasses for a big head. Many places offer wide frame sunglasses in a sport style. Wraparound frames tend to also incorporate spring hinges for better flexibility and durability. Combine that with high UV protection, and polarized lenses if that is your thing, and your eyes will be well protected. Wide arms and frames are oftentimes better than thin ones here, as they distribute the pressure evenly over your temples.

Stay Away From

Try to avoid fake Ray Bans and thin, metal framed sunglasses unless they specifically are marketed as wide frame. With fake sunglasses, you are not only potentially compromising your eye protection, they are usually not well made enough to handle sitting on a big head. Even if they have the right hinges, they most likely will not last. Thin, metal framed sunglasses will put the pressure at your temples on a very small linear area, increasing the potential for pain.

Wide Frame Sunglasses

There are places that market wide frame models of their sunglasses. If wide frames are on offer, all other bets are off, and you can then choose a pair that fits your face shape, whether it be cats-eye frames for heart shaped faces, or a pair of surf style sunglasses for a manly square-jawed face. Wide frame models tend to be more than 155mm wide, with an average width of 160mm. Measure your temple distance by using the good information found here by a pilot.