Best Sunglasses for your Lifestyle

Choosing the best sunglasses for your everyday life doesn't have to be as daunting as it may feel. The biggest problems we have today as consumers, is being inundated with too many choices Every single product out there has has so many different options now-a-days, and the sunglass market might be the worst offender of this. With literally hundreds of styles, and thousands of subsets within each style varied again by different material, frame color, lens tint, polarized or UV protection... the options can go on forever. We've created a simple guide of the best sunglass styles for each occasion to take the guesswork out of your shopping, and leaving you feeling confident for every situation that comes your way.

Everyday casual

For your everyday casual lifestyle, whether at the beach or cruising around downtown, you cannot go wrong with the traditional styles that have been around for years. Our personal recommendations here are the Aviator and the Surf Style. The majority of sunglasses play off of these styles with slightly varied shapes, but still keep the general theme. The beautiful thing about the Surf Style especially, is they fit just about every face shape, and they can come in a variety of cool colors or patterns such as matte black, tortoise shell, or even wood frame. For a more sporty or vibrant look, grab yourself a pair of black frames with bright blue or green mirrored lenses. We recommend a middle of the road to higher end pair since you want them to be durable for knocking around in, but also have quality lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays.

Sports and Outdoor

For the inner fitness bro or adventure junkie in all of us, we recommend a pair of shades that fit snug to your face, feel lightweight yet durable, and of course polarized lenses or at least strong UV protection for your eyes. Brands like Oakley or Von Zipper make high quality durable acetate frames with high quality polarized lenses that protect you from the sun and glare, but keep you looking great even if you're sweating from a workout. In this case though, we recommend durability and quality as your first priority. A number of sunglass companies are coming out of the woodwork offering sunglasses that float. If you're going to be near the beach this summer, I highly recommend a floating pair of shades. Especially for the paddleboarders and kayakers out there who need to protect their eyes from water glare, but also have a high likelihood of ending up in the water.

Formal Outfit

Although wearing sunglasses with a formal outfit can usually be a big misfire, there are a few ways it can be pulled off. First, go with a classier cleaner frame style such as a wire frame Navigator shape (similar to Aviator but more squared and less teardrop shape), or traditional Club Master with either a square or rounded frame depending on your face shape. We recommend you stick to clean and simple colors such as black or a dark brown, and for the wire frames try to match the color to your outfit. If you have a lot of earth tones, a gold frame will look fantastic. If you're wearing traditional black white and grey clothes, stick to the silver frames.

We recommend getting a mid grade to high quality go to pair in two or three different styles that fit your face, and can be versatile for everyday use, or dressing up a casual outfit for days you need to look your best but formal wear isn't necessary. A great pair of aviators, surf styles, and clubmasters will fit the bill for just about every occasion you can find yourself in. Lastly, stay away from any fake or knock off shades as they can actually cause more harm for your eyes than good. For more information on best sunglasses models and styles, check out these great resources:

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