Our Favorite Eyewear and Fashion Blogs

Here are some of our favorite blogs to read for the latest in industry trends, fashion, style and inspiration.

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Best Sunglass and Fashion Blogs

  • EyeStyle Blog: As an extention of Eyegoodies, EyeStyleblog gives their two cents on designer shades, welcomes in new collections and reveals the who's wearing what information everyone is dying to know.
  • The Eyecessorize Blog: The Eyecessorize Blog is a part of The Vision Council's campaign to get the word out about the benefits of wearing eyewear, whether sunglasses or prescription. They covor fashion, lifestyle, technology and advice from experts on all topics eyewear.
  • Shades Daddy Blog: Covering categories like celebrity sunglasses, FAQ, featured stories, lifestyle, music, sunglass facts, and more. Shades Daddy Blog is the father of all sunglass blogs. Find any information you need right here.
  • The Eyewear Blog: We love how these guys dive into the history of sunglass trends and who wore them the best in between covering current styles and events.
  • Eyespectacle Blog: Aside from having a clever play on words with the blog title, Eyespectacle keeps us up-to-date on the latest fashions for eyewear fresh off of the runway.
  • Fashion Bomb Daily: Journalist, Claire Sulmers, spans over multicultural fashions and trends. Sulmers drawns inspiration from all corners of the world and compiles it into a photo rich blog about fashion, hair & beauty and her personal life.

  • The Look: We did The Look blog because it covers not only fashion, but people, health and what's going on in the world with eyewear.

  • Pop Sugar: An all inclusive blog site that is recognized by many as a great go-to source. Check out their fashion section, it's on of our top rated.
  • The Urban Gentleman: We totally dig this men's blog that not only covers today's fashions, but puts grooming, music, entertainment, health, fitness, guides, street styles and even cars and electronics in a one-stop shop blog.
  • Sport RX: Needing a little 411 on sunglasses for sporting conditions? You've found the hot spot! Sport RX blog has articles about any sport you can imagine. They also provide information about eyewear for day to day occasions for men, women and children.
  • Bonocle: We adore this classy blog that covers every shade of opticals; the styles, seasons, people and places.
  • Refinery 29: Refinery 29 proves time and time again to be a fabulous source for fashion, style, entertainment, health and just all around living pieces.

  • Eye Wear Glasses: Calling all of our four eyed friends! The perfect blog community for anyone who likes to see life through four lenses, instead of just two.
  • Eyewear Talk: Eyewear Talk blogs about eyewear tips, care, where to buy and connects you to some wonderful forums.