Sunglasses by Tower vs. Shwood

Tower is a brand that gives credit where credit is due. That being said, we admire the level of quality, innovation and craftsmanship that Shwood has brought to the table. Shwood Eyewear draws up inspiration from all things nature, which can be seen in their design and materials.

While Shwood presents a stand up competitive line of sun eyewear, there are a few things that Tower offers that Shwood doesn't touch.


  • Offer prescription and sunglass lines. Whereas Tower solely focuses on sunglasses.
  • They ship internationally. Tower is still working on getting their international shipping policy in place.
  • Manufacture in-house (in a workshop in Portland.) Tower also manufactures in-house.
  • Sunglasses come with polarized lenses. Tower does too! (Not sure what polarized lenses mean? Click here)


  • Shwood can't guarantee that their sunglasses float. Tower takes pride in their floatable sunnies. As a beach lifestyle brand, we thought it essential for our sunglasses to float so that our customers can enjoy their days on the water without worrying about the possibility of drowning their shades.
  • Shwood sells on the retail front, which means they have to increase their overall prices to make up for middleman costs. Tower only sells directly to the consumer, which allows us to keep our prices low and our quality high.
  • Shwood doesn't offer a home try-on experience. Which means, unless you're going to a retailer, you better hope the sunglasses look good with your face shape and style. At Tower, we pride ourselves on a free at home trial called Shop-in-a-box, which allows customers to try on all five pairs of sunglasses at home for a few days. This gives our customers the opportunity to get a feel for them in person, get input from their friends, and feel confident before they commit to one pair.