Sunglass Links


  • Eyes & Sun: Information all about sunglasses. From the protection they offer, to the lenses, frames and etc.
  • Wikipedia: Easy to follow 411 on sunglasses. Where they came from, why they are necessary, who makes them, who created them and what makes them so special.
  • Epic Stoke: Ten interesting facts about sunglasses, from the history to interesting "did you know" info.
  • Encyclopedia: A complete article about everything that has to do with sunglasses. A great resource with all the information you need in one spot.


  • Vision Source: Four interesting tidbits that most people don't know about the origin of sunglasses.
  • Wikipedia: An article taking you back through the full history of shades, where they originated, how they looked and what made them come to popularity.
  • Glasses History: A site dedicated to the history of eyewear.
  • Sunglass Warehouse: This historical guide brings your through the years and what sunglasses were popular during that slice of time.


  • WebMD: An article outlining why wearing sunglasses can help protect people of all age from developing eye issues down the road.
  • speaks out about the health benefits associated with wearing your sunglasses whenever you step outside.
  • 39 Dollar Glasses: Three simple, to the point reasons why wearing sunglasses whenever your outside can be beneficial.
  • Valley Eye Care AZ: Optometrists suggest that you wear sunglasses whenever you're going to be outside, here are the benefits that come along with their advice.


  • Sunglass Picks: Sunglass Picks lays out the trendiest sunglasses on the market. They even break it down style by style to make it easy and convenient to find the latest trend.
  • Best Reviews: Best Reviews offers top ten lists to the "best of" basically everything. Check out their top rated shades.

Lens Info

  • Frames Direct: One of the best, detailed guides to what colored lenses you should use for what activities and weather conditions.
  • Zeiss: Zeiss breaks down all the available lenses and which ones would be best for what situations.
  • VSP: If you're having a difficult time deciding what lenses will be best for you, check out this easy to follow guide to all the different lens types you can get with your new pair of sunnies.


  • Evo: An easy, step-by-step guide to measuring you face, and figuring out what face shape you have, so you can buy the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face.
  • Randolph USA: It's scary buying sunglasses online without trying them on. Here are a few guidelines that should make shopping online for sunglasses a little easier.
  • Zenni Optical: Enjoy this simple frame measurement guide for finding the right size sunglasses for you.

Eye Care

  • Huffington Post: An article highlighting the importance of protecting your eyes and how know how they become damaged is critical.
  • All About Vision: A Q and A on taking care of your eyes and why it's so important. Answers provided by professional optometrists.
  • Mayo Clinic: Expert guidance as to why you should protect your eyes by choosing sunglasses with some sort of UV protection.
  • American Optometric Association: Optometrist layout the dangers of solar radiation, what it can do and how sunglasses can help you avoid these dangers.

Facts and Myths

  • Mercola: There's so much information on sunglasses that it's hard to know what's true and what's myth. It's worth doing the research and be safe than sorry.
  • Your Sight Matters: Ten myths revealed about sunglasses.
  • Dioptics: A creditable source revealing the truth about sunglassees, especially tinted sunglasses versus polarized.
  • Swide: An educational blog post revealing uncommonly known information about sunglasses.

Online Sunglass Retailers

  • Overstock: offers a wide variety of sunglasses and even offer "Flash" sales on sunglasses from time to time.
  • Sunglass Hut: Sunglass Hut offers a variety of sunglass styles, brands and price points. A great resources to browse through tons of sunglasses.

Sunglass Blogs

  • The Eyecessorize Blog: A blog dedicated to the fashion, lifestyle, trends, technology and advice from the experts about eyewear.
  • Sunglass Warehouse Sunglass Blog: Sunglass Warehouse touches on random subjects associated with sunglasses, they also blog about activities, lifestyle and style.
  • Polaroid: Polaroid, the original presenters of polarized sunglasses, shares interesting blog posts on thigns from lens tints to heath and the history of sunglasses.


  • Sunglass Optical: Sells replacement lenses, nosepads and screws for you sunglasses. They even ship to all 50 states!
  • National Eyewear Repair: National Eyewear Repair offers fast, afordable and guaranteed repairs. The company is based out of Arizona.
  • Fast Fix: Instead of giving up on your favorite pair of shades because they broke, let Fast Fix take care of them. They can fix all types of frames.


  • Vizio Optic: This blogs will keep you up to date on all the sunglass trends as they come into the spotlight.
  • The Look: The Look is a blog done by, that touches on fashion, people, health, news and a whole lotta eyewear.
  • Shades Daddy Blog: Who would have ever thought that there would be so many interesting topics on sunglasses? Shades Daddy covers them all. They even claim to be the "Official Sunglass Blog."

Buyers Guides

  • All About Vision: A comprehensive buyers guide plump full of all the essential information needed to buy the perfect pair of shades.
  • All About Vision: A comprehensive buyers guide plump full of all the essential information needed to buy the perfect pair of shades.
  • WebMD: Let the experts help guide you to sunglasses that fit your lifestyle and eye requirements.

Sunglasses and Sports

  • Sunglasses for Sport: It's essential to have adequate shades for whatever sport you may play. This article explains how to find the right pair for your hobbies.
  • Ebay: Find out what sunglasses work best for which sport. This article explains why certain sunglasses are better than others for specific sports. It's an easy to follow guide to ensure you get the best pair for your sport.

Wooden Accessories to Match Your Shades

  • Woodchuck: Woodchuck is a US manufacturing company that creates fun accessories that are all made from wood! They offer flasks, beer openers, notebooks and more that will go perfectly with your wooden sunnies!
  • Wood Thumb: If the name doesn't tell you enough, these guys love wood products. From coasters to bowties to pizza boxes, they have unique wooden accessories that will look great with your wooden sunglasses.