How to read frame measurements

The frame measurements of each pair can be found on the product page, under the "Technical Specs" section. If you don't see it at first, keep scrolling down. You will see the "frame measurements," which looks like this: "52-21-144."

What does that even mean?!

The first number (i.e. 52) is the lense width. This is the horizontal measurment of one lense. It can also be called the "eye size." This is ONLY the lens, the frame is not included in this measurement.

The second number (i.e. 21) is the bridge width. This is the measurement of the bridge... duh! It measures from one side of the nose to the other.

The last number (i.e. 144) is the temple arm measurement. The temple arm starts at the front corner of the frame and goes all the way to the end portion that sits behind your ear.

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