Wooden Sunglasses Buyer's Guide

Wooden sunglasses have a unique style that keep you looking good whether you're on the beach or dressed up for a nice occassion. The rich colors of the wood frames compliment any outfit, and look great on both men and women. Check out our buyer's guide to learn all you need to know about wooden sunglasses.


A wide variety of different wood is used to manufacture wooden sunglasses and they all have a different look. Most commonly used are Ebony, Black Walnut, Zebra Wood, Birch, Maple, Cocobolo, Purpleheart, Bloodwood and Bamboo.

All of these materials are extremely light and comfortable yet very durable. Since wood is such a naturally strong material your frames will last for years.

Variation in Wood

Because wood sunglasses are made from sustainable wood, no two pairs are identical. Your wood frames will truly be one-of-a-kind. Thanks to the unique grain variation of each pair and the many types of wood used, you'll never find another pair like yours.

Frame Size

Our wood frames have the classic surf style sunglass, which feature a thicker banded silhouette with squared edges by the temples. Optometrists suggest that the bigger the sunglass frames, the better, as it blocks out more light and helps with prevention of UV ray damage. If you want to get a little bit more specific with a frame style to ensure it compliments your face shape, follow the guidelines below:

  • Square: This means you have a strong jaw line that is similar width as your forehead. Look for round frames or Aviators. Avoid square or geometric shaped frames.
  • Round: If the widest part of your face is your cheeks, you have a round face shape. You're going to want to look for rectangular frames that will make your face appear longer. Steer clear of round or circular frames that will be less flattering than other frame shapes. If you have a lighter complexion and hair, opt for brown or yellow toned sunglasses.
  • Long or Oval: If your face is longer than wider, you have a long or oval shaped face. Careful not to go much wider than your face. Symmetrical sunglasses, with the same length and width of each lens will be flattering -- think Clubmaster style.
  • Heart: Characterized by a pointy chin and a forehead much wider than your chin. A rectangular frame will balance out your forehead to chin ratio. Stay away from oversized frames that emphasize your forehead.


Our wood frames come from sustainable sources, hand crafted and laminated to provide extra durability while offering a beautiful design aesthetic. We use the highest quality spring loaded hinges, and Polaroid brand polarized lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays while offering crystal clear vision.

What to Wear with Wooden Sunglasses

The great thing about our wooden sunglasses is they really can go with any outfit. The natural tones of the wood look great in a casual setting or beach day, but still look clean and crisp when worn with a more formal outfit.We recommend earth tones over bright colors or neon, and natural fabrics like cotton, wool, denim or linen over shiny synthetics like polyster or nylon. At the end of the day, you should wear whatever makes you feel good, look good, and expresses your personality.

Cleaning your lenses

The best way to clean your lenses is with a soft microfiber towel. We recommend avoiding facial tissues or napkins to clear any smudges or dust from your sunglasses. If you use a spray-on cleaning solution of any sort, be careful not to get the liquid on the wood frame. This will ensure your wood stays in the best possible shape so you can rock your frames for years to come.


Price can play a big role in purchasing a pair of wooden shades over another. We aren't saying you should drop a ton of money on sunglasses, but we also don't suggest that you be too cheap either. This is because the quality of wood sunglasses differs greatly compared to traditional sunglasses. If you find frames that are vastly discounted more than most brands, be weary of them. They are likely made from cheap wood that will easily deteriorate and lenses that offer no protection. It's bad for your eyes and your wallet in the long run. That being said, most of the higher end wooden frames offer high quality material and lenses without a ridiculous cost. If you're willing to pay a little more, you'll not only be happy with the quality and look but they will last longer too!

UV Protection

Look for wooden sunglasses with some sort of UV protection. If it has any, it will have a sticker saying what kind of protection and how much. UVA and UVB combined protection is ideal. If you're not sure the pair you purchased has the protection it claims, bring it into your local optometrist. They'll be able to tell.


Another thing to consider is the coating on the lenses. We suggest a polarized pair for all around safety and protection. Polarized lenses minimize glare and bright reflections from surfaces such as water, windows, asphalt roads and snow. Polarized lenses are pretty common on sunglasses these days so it shouldn't be a problem to find them on a wood pair as well.

Colored Lenses

If you have specific interests or hobbies that keep you out in the sun for long periods of time, you may want to consider finding wooden frames with colored lenses. There are plenty of different colors and they all benefit the wearer in different situations. A general rule of thumb is that dark is great for everyday activities. Darker shades will cut glare and minimize eyestrain for moderate to bright lighting conditions. Note that gray and green will have no effect on color distortion, while brown may. On the other hand, light tints are better for low to moderate lighting conditions, such as all snow activities. Lighter lenses allow for better depth perception and brightening up surroundings.