Wood Sunglass Case - Surf Style

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  • Wood Sunglass Case - Surf Style - CS-WOOD
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Wood Sunglass Case - Surf Style

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Designed in California by an elite car designer, our surf style wood sunglass case is a beautiful mix of form and function. Unlike any sunglass case on the market, we first create a solid block of hardwood Yellow Birch and Walnut sheets, then carve that down to the final surf-inspired shape.

  • Natural Beauty - Unrivaled in a sunglass case
  • Inspired Design - Nods to a triple-stringer surfboard
  • Heirloom Quality - Durable, yet lightweight hardwood
  • Finest Materials - Wetsuit-inspired neoprene lining
  • Solid Components - Barrel hinges and magnetic close

Note: Sunglasses pictured are not included with purchased case.

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Wood Sunglass Case - Surf Style

This surf style wooden sunglass case is ideal for storing and protecting your Tower wood sunglasses. Wood sunglasses are a little more brittle than plastic or metal sunglasses so you don't want to sit on them even when they are in a fabric or leather case. It would be very difficult to break this solid wood case by just sitting on it in your car for example. Constructed of solid hard wood, this case will remain beautiful for years as it wears over time in a fashion similar to solid wood furniture... as opposed to cheap plastic cases that wear more like laminated press board furniture.

The opening design of the case uses rock solid barrel hinges, and when closed the magnets keep the case held shut. While this case will usually be set on its side, the "tail" of the surfboard shape is flat enough to stand upright on your desk.

The History of Wood in Surfing

Early surfboards in Hawaii, the birthplace of surfing, were carved out of local trees like Koa wood. Wood is not only beautiful, it floats. In the 1950s and 60s, surf style sunglasses were all the rage in Southern California and surfing was taking off. Surfboards were made of balsa wood at that time, but would soon transition to foam and fiberglass construction. All of these new fiberglass boards would use wood stringers for rigidity (most still do today), and many had carved blocks of layered wood on the nose and tail. As fins came in the scene, they too were made of wood at first. Wood craftsmanship and surfing went hand in hand.

To this day in our San Diego based surf factory, our shapers still play around making fiberglass encased wood fins, wood nose and tail blocks, and even entire balsa wood surfboards. It's in their blood. It's in the roots of the sport they love. Unmistakably, there is a nostalgic connection between handcrafted wood work and surfers, and really all watermen. Tower's handcrafted wood sunglasses are a nod to this rich tradition.


Weight: 4.3 ounces

External Dimensions: 185mm x 64mm x 49mm

Internal Dimensions: 150mm long x 53mm wide

Internal Depth: Curved from 21mm at the sides to 36mm in the center

Hinge Components: 5mm x 15mm stainless steel barrel hinges

Magnets: 3mm x 1.7mm miniature magnets

Internal Lining: 3mm printed neoprene

Wood: Yellow Birch and Walnut hardwood

Construction: Solid sheets of alternating Yellow Birch and Walnut are laminated into a solid wood block, then the final shape is carved to it final shape so that the wood veins create a triple stringer wood surfboard look on it's profile.

Finish: Wood wax finish over hand sanded wood block

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