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Wood Sunglasses - Buy Manufacturer Direct & Save

Tower is a premium wood sunglass manufacturer offering direct pricing on the best wood sunglasses and solid block carved sunglass cases. Shop online worldwide or visit our San Diego retail shop.

Sunglasses By Tower Does it Differently

The Tower business model in sunglasses is not constrained by the traditional 3-tier (retailer, distributor, & brand) distribution model. Our presence reaches around the world thanks to our management teams' Internet savvy and eCommerce expertise. We don't need partners and middlemen to find customers, nor to find manufacturers. Untethered, we market and sell direct.

We sell handmade wood sunglasses, the height of beach lifestyle fashion. You can buy them online (anytime, from anywhere in the world) or at our flagship surfboard factory shop in San Diego.

The Quality Option

Because we sell direct, we don't have to scrimp on quality to give you an amazing price. Our sunglasses and even cases are designed by leading design minds from the automotive industry (where many of the best designers are). The shape of our product is highly considered, as is the finish and compliment of high-end features. We push our factories to find ways to use better and more expensive materials because we don't have to multiple our costs by 4-5 times before it gets to consumers as traditional sunglass manufacturers do. The higher the manufacturing cost of a particular pair of sunglasses, the better value we can offer consumers because we're just marking it up once, not multiplying it by four or five. Thus, the harder it is for our competitors to even come close to our price to quality value proposition. Therefore, our motivations are perfectly aligned with our customers - we focus on driving quality as high as we can, while keeping the price fair.

The Stylish Choice

We decided to make handmade wood sunglasses because of our roots are that of a surf company. There is a long history of woodworking in surfing. Surfboards were first made of solid Koa wood. Then they started making them out of fiberglass encased balsa wood. Even today, wood stringers are still used. The longboards we make for Tower Surf have triple wood stringers, layered wood nose and tail blocks. Doing wood sunglasses was second nature to us. Our wood surf style sunglasses are the epitome of beach lifestyle styling. We make them, and we also wear them as do many people in beach towns all over the world.

The Smart Money

Handmade, quality wood sunglasses are not inexpensive to make, whereas plastic injection-molded sunglasses are. In fact, quality wood sunglasses sold thru the traditional 3-tier retail distribution channel can cost you anywhere from $200 to over $350. You can find them for cheaper, but they are a far cry from high-quality. We sell our high-end wood surf style sunglasses for only $95 and (for a limited time) we're even throwing in our surf styled wood case for free with each purchase -- the case alone is worth $60.

Buy direct and save $100+ >> shop wood sunglasses now