Sunglasses by Tower vs. Proof

Tower appreciates Proof's three different lines of eco-friendly shades. We also recognize that Proof brings frames of similar quality to the market. Where they fall short, we feel we make up. Check out the pros and cons of Proof and why Tower covers some of the ground they may have missed.


  • Offer ability to switch out lenses for prescription lenses. Their lenses feature two slits that allow you to put in your own prescription lenses. Pretty great option for all of our four-eyed friends.
  • Offer three different collections; ECO acetate collection, Wood collection and Skate collection. Their Eco acetate collection is made from 100 percent biodegradable materials... pretty cool. Proof's Wood collection creates shades made from certified sustainable forests and their Skate collection reuses Canadian Maple skateboards to create this line.
  • Not many wooden frames can be adjusted... period. All Proof sunglasses allow you to adjust the bridge.
  • Like Sunglasses by Tower, Proof allows its' customers to visit the Proof retail store to meet the team and buy sunglasses. Tower's retail store is connected to their warehouse, so you get a behind the scenes look at how it all goes down.
  • Proof offers a few sunglass frames in their line up that actually float. As a beach lifestyle brand, Tower offers frames that float as well. We want our customers to spend their days outside in the sunshine enjoying the water without having to worry about losing their favorite pair of shades.


  • Proof sells to retailers, which results in jacked up prices to cover distribution and commission costs. Tower is the brand, the importer, storefront and marketing arm all rolled into one, which allows us to sell sunglasses, with the same quality of Proof sunglasses, for a lower price point.
  • Not all of their lenses are polarized. Tower makes polarized lenses a staple of each pair of sunglasses. We know that while some don't think that polarized lenses are necessary, we are doing them a favor by automatically including them in each pair of sunglasses. It's better to be safe than sorry and protect your eyes from whatever conditions you might encounter. Want more information on polarized lenses, click here.
  • Proof does not offer a home try-on kit like Tower's Shop-in-a-box. While they do sell retail, that doesn't always mean there is a retailer close by and you're stuck having to order online -- fingers crossed, hoping the pair looks flattering on your face. Tower's Shop-in-a-box free at home try-on gives customers the opportunity to try all five pairs of sunglasses in the comfort of their home. Show them off, get input from friends, then pick their favorite pair and send the box back all completely free.