Sunglasses for Men - Trends

Each year, sunglasses wiggle their way into men's fashion little by little. It's not unusual for guys to consider sunglasses part of their outfit these days, a modern day staple accessory. The beautiful thing about adding shades to a trendy outfit is, it's easy to find a trendy and functional pair. Here are the nine ten trending styles for men right now.

  • Surf Style: A go to for most men, the surf style is a compliment to any style. Whether you consider yourself a trend enthusiast or are trying to spruce up your fashion senses, any pair of surf style sunglasses will close the gap for you. The sleek style and no fuss plastic frames make them perfect for men across the board of any shape, size or age.
  • Aviators: This classic trend has been around for decades and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Aviators have always meshed in a trendy, classy way whether you’re going out with the guys as the sun sets on a Friday night or venturing out for an adventure on a Sunday.
  • Clubmasters: Clubmasters are an ageless style and flattering on all face shapes. The chunky top rim with the sleek rimless bottom make them perfect for a night out or a day at the beach.
  • Round: Round frames are making a huge comeback in the fashion world after their original surge in the 20's and 30's. The sexy shape minimizes the amount of face coverage, totally opposite of Aviators, which will give you a confident, trendsetting appeal. Especially flattering if you have high cheek bones or if you're going for a vintage look.
  • Wood: Possibly one of the freshest styles on the market, wood frames are resourceful and trendy. Dress them up or let them give off that "don't care" vibe. They are lightweight and go along well with any style your planning for the day ahead.
  • Mirrored: Let's be honest, ladies love lenses that they can check their hair in. Besides getting the female attention, you'll give off a strong, business persona sure to get attention. The different mirrored tints make these a fun addition to a classic outfit.
  • Colorful/Printed: For decades, men have gravitated toward simple, basic safe sunglass colors -- such as black, hunter green and gray. Colorful, patterned, or the combination of both have been peaking (no pun intended) into men's fashion lately. They are the perfect accessory for making a color or outfit pop. Plus, they will make you feel like you're on a never-ending vacation.
  • Oversized: Oversized sunglasses are not only in style right now, but also very functional. They offer more protection from the sun than most other frames and give off a VIP vibe. Look mysterious while keeping the sun's harmful rays at bay.
  • Thick/Plastic: Cultivate your inner nerd with some thick, chunky sunglasses. Great for making any outfit pop. Plastic shades with thicker frames prove to be sturdy and durable. Great for anyone on the go or those who tend to be the life of the party.